Equine osteopathy indication

When the horse does not tilt around its leg, shows less forward going, stumbles or fells.
When it lacks propulsion, or does not use his back on jumping.
Lack of suppleness and flexing.
When it refuses the bit. When it is unable to perform some exercises, doesn't step its hind leg correctly, falls into its shoulder, does not tilt around its leg, shows defence.
When suffering from emotional disturbance, lack of cooperation, behavioural problems.
When suffering from sprains, tendinitis or other traumas. Limps which cause is not joint related but linked to a problem located higher or lower on the spinal column.
When suffering from intestinal disorders: colic, diarrhoea.
Resistance to being tacked up, especially the saddle.
When it does not accept the bridle or its ears to be touched.
Tetanization due to fear or a previous bad experience.